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June 6, 2023

[Patch: Ver. 1.1.0] Dokapon Kingdom: Connect

There is a new patch [Ver. 1.1.0] update for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect users. It is scheduled to go live worldwide on June 5 @ 4pm PDT. The patch will update the following:

Local Wireless Mode:

  • When using Local Wireless Mode, multiple Nintendo Switch players can play together without the use of internet connection.
  • A Nintendo Switch Online account is not required to play Local Wireless Mode.
  • Guest play is also available in Local Wireless mode. With one Nintendo Switch console, up to two guests can participate when playing against other Nintendo Switch consoles wirelessly.

Saved Data:

  • Online mode and Local Wireless mode will have separate save data files.
  • Saved data in Local Wireless mode cannot be used in Online mode.

CPU Adjustments:

  • The CPU’s AI Strength has been adjusted for “Weak” and “Normal” difficulties.
    (Note: The “Sneaky” AI Strength has not been adjusted.)
  • Various UI adjustments have been made.

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bugs, typos, and other issues have been fixed.

Team IFI