A newly emergent spirit named Natsumi ends up in the crosshairs of Deus Ex Machina Industry.
Shido defends Natsumi from Deus Ex Machina Industry and manages to seal her powers.

Following the transformation and inversion caused by Origami,
Shido manages to reshape the world to protect it, eventually sealing Origami.

Enemies may still lurk about, but Shido and his friends savor the peace they've secured through their ordeals.

After an ordinary evening spent among friends, Shido has an unusual dream.
He hears a mysterious voice calling out from the shadows.

Upon waking up the next morning,
Shido discovers a peculiar container adorned with a snake pattern under his pillow.

Thinking it might be a prank, Shido asks around for the container's owner. But when they try to open it...