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Fairize! Seize your fate as a Fencer!

Fairy Fencer F™

Grab a sword and fight for your fate!

Originally available on the PlayStation3, this RPG is now getting the 1080p treatment so you can Fairize with flair. Two free DLCs will also be made available - "Beginner's Pack" and "Secrets of Shukesoo's Tower Pack" - to aid you in your quest to save the world.


RELEASE DATE July 28, 2015
REGIONS North America,  Europe

About Fairy Fencer F

Long ago, a dreadful war was fought between the Goddess and the Vile God. Equally matched, they created a vast number of special weapons imbued with their godly energy, each containing the life force of a fairy. With the passing of time, the weapons left behind by the Goddess and the Vile God are now known as “Furies,“ and the warriors who wield them “Fencers”. Due to their immense power, rumor has it that anyone who collects the Furies will have their wish granted. As luck would have it, a young man named Fang acquires one of the Furies, accidentally becoming a Fencer. He soon rescues Tiara, a fellow Fencer, and this fateful encounter draws him into the ancient battle between the Goddess and Vile God.

Key Features

More Flash & Flair! The world of Fencers and fairies gets updated with a 1080p graphic overhaul! Fairizing never looked so good.

Really Reluctant Hero With a hero more interested in his next meal and a fairy partner who will have none of it, this saving-the-world narrative is injected with oodles of madcap humor!

High Tension! Increase the Tension gauge in battle by dealing and receiving damage. The higher it is, the more damage you’ll dish. Once it’s high enough, you’ll be able to Fairize – combining with your fairy to create a super-powerful form!

Fairy’s Fate Find fairies to join you in your quest – only they can grant you special abilities, and by leveling them up you’ll also increase your effect radius in…

World-Shaping! Pull Furies from the Goddess and Vile God and place your fairies in them. You can then stab those Furies into the world map for new effects in nearby dungeons like EXP boosts or enemy changes – be careful though, because not all effects are good!


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