Allan Melville
Allan Melville

Allan Melville VA: Makoto Furukawa A senior employee at a 9th Avenue designer bedding store known as Pillow Luxuria.
The store creates tailor-made pillows designed specifically for each customer, and they're popular with celebrities and other wealthy patrons due to their ability to provide consistent top-tier slumber.

He claims that he truly does want to get married...but the truth is he's actually a devilish incubus in disguise. It's unclear why he actually wants to find a wife. Could he possibly have some other hidden agenda?

Either way, he has persuaded Cupid Corp members who already had partners (along with a company employee) to let him "make their dreams come true," and led them away from their lovers on several occasions. This caused huge problems with the company, and naturally led to him joining the Parasite 5.