In the heart of Los York, a glitzy, trendsetting metropolis
that sits on the cutting edge of culture and couture,
one daring marriage agency stands apart
from the rest in success rate and in style.
The Cupid Corporation.

As Cupid Corp's top bridal advisor, our heroine consults the city's most
in-vogue singles to make their wildest romantic dreams come true.
But she has one secret which she can never share.

Her true identity is Cupid,
a descendant from Celestia sent here on a heavenly mission.

INT. SCENE. 5 A.M. Cupid Corp's president's personal office.

"Get these five people married. Do that, and the promotion is yours.
You're the Cupid of Cupid Corp, are you not? Our top bridal advisor.
I trust this is within your ability?"

Only this time, our heroine has been tasked with her biggest challenge yet:
handling the matchmaking, and thus the fates, of the infamous Parasite 5.

After a series of unimpressive interviews and workshops, they concoct the perfect plan.
Parasite House, a shared home created for reality TV centered around the lives
of the Parasite 5 and their romantic exploits.

Leading these hopeless men to marital bliss proves to be a Herculean task even for great Cupid herself!
Can she live up to her name and keep her identity secret at the same time?!
Find out in the most divinely unpredictable romantic comedy of the millennium!