Los York, a glitzy trendsetting town, was where our heroine descended.
Her true identity was that of the real goddess of love, Cupid.

While working for a major marriage agency named Cupid Corporation,
she strived to become the top bridal advisor.
She was assigned five hopeless clients known as the Parasite 5!

Even after guiding them through mock dates,
matchmaking seminars, and the reality show "Parasite House,"
all five abruptly canceled their memberships!

Yet their departures brought all their personal challenges to the surface.
As she confronted these issues with them, they overcame many unexpected obstacles...

And she fell in love with "him."

"I solemnly swear that I will love you so that you always smile.
I will protect you for as long as I live."

This is the continued love story of the goddess of love, Cupid, experiencing love firsthand.
It's the tale of when she becomes a goddess "only" for him.

Marriage wasn't the end goal, but the start of a new chapter.
Whether they began dating or got married,
the only thing awaiting them is a series of unexpected challenges!

A mysterious new creature has appeared in Los York!
Could it be a divine message or evidence of an unknown civilization?

A love story so sweet, it'll make your heart melt!
The whirlwind of feelings taking the world by storm is far from over!

An endearing, joyful, and chaotic tale that's richer and more exhilarating than ever!
This romance featuring a former goddess is so sweet and spicy,
it'll make your teeth ache and set your soul ablaze!

And in Merenice Levin's route, her days as Cupid are far from over!
A romantic and comedic story in the world of matchmaking is set to unfold!

Character Stories

"I want everyone to know just how much I love you."

When an Agape couple (Love Type: Devoted Love) marries their true love, they show unwavering devotion. Every day is sweeter than the sweetest bread pudding!

After celebrating their wedding in Los York, the couple enjoys their honeymoon before heading to Gill's hometown, Boltamore. But do they want to host a second wedding there?! Gill's wedding plans spiral out of control. After numerous unexpected events, they recite their vows again in front of their loved ones. With the honeymoon over, each day is filled with joy. But in order to fulfill their ideal marriage, our heroine makes a huge decision.

"Ever since I met you, my life has transformed."

When a Pragma couple (Love Type: Practical Love) discovers joy in what they once deemed irrational, it leads to a shift from a work-centric life!

Shelby receives an invitation to the recently established "Paradise of Love — D'amour Paradis," where he and our heroine enjoy their honeymoon! Taking a break from work, their time together feels new and refreshing. Every day is filled with activities! After savoring the island's offerings, Shelby is summoned by Eli Omar, the person behind the invitation. There, a surprising revelation awaits! Can our heroine defend Cupid Corporation? What will be the outcome of Shelby's path to protect what he loves?

"I don't want to kiss anyone but you. And what about you? Are you okay with me doing romantic scenes with other actresses?"

When a Ludus couple (Love Type: Casual Love) becomes romantically involved, more adventure lies ahead!

After publicly announcing their relationship on the red carpet, Raul was scolded by his agent. Emerging Sillywood stars weren't supposed to be in relationships. Being romantically involved with our heroine, Raul's passion for her deepens every day. But offers for romantic movie roles are also pouring in. For the first time, Raul stands up to his agent! He opts for an unanticipated route, proposing marriage to our heroine! And so ensues an eccentric mix of mythology, donuts, blood donations, artistry, passion, and muscles.

"I will marry her. We came to Japan to formally announce our decision."

When an Eros couple (Love Type: Physical Love) gets together, they recognize that the internal virtues of an individual are equally important. They tirelessly strive to understand their partner and mature together.

Now engaged, they travel to Japan to meet Ryuki's parents formally. While immersing themselves in Japanese tourism, Ryuki expresses his desire to meet the heroine's parents as well. She hasn't revealed her divine identity to him yet, so she plays it off. As Ryuki's jealousy grows due to the emergence of a genuine talent, it begins to hinder his work as a fashion designer. Given the myriad of "firsts" in their relationship, they decide to tread cautiously, step by step.

"But things have changed. I want to savor every moment with you."

When the Mania couple (Love Type: Enthusiatic Love) finally unites after almost letting go, their desires may become more intense than any other's...

Together with Allan, our heroine transforms into a demon, and they hold their wedding at a tiny chapel. Although they are immortal, they remain intent on preserving a semblance of humanity. They go on a honeymoon, bake a wedding cake, renovate their home, and indulge in countless small joys that bring them happiness. However, upon meeting a young boy, they learn about a "hopeless wish." Even though they can live for eternity, what lies ahead for their future?

"This is so spicy... My tongue's numb. What's in this?!"

For the Storge couple (Love Type: Congenial Love), expressing love becomes a challenge when the protector undergoes a transformation.

Peter's true identity is the omnipotent god, Jupiter, and our heroine steps into the role of Juno as his spouse.
They undertake numerous reforms in Celestia to stay busy. Once peace is restored, they travel to Los York for their honeymoon. To their delight, they stumble upon a Christmas market amidst the falling snow.
Peter is in love with the local treats like hot chocolate, schnitzels, Thuringian sausage, and more.
However, he's taken by surprise when he encounters something exceptionally spicy...
*Please play the previous game through the end before playing Peter's route.

"I can't glimpse even a moment of your future or your past. There's no predetermined path... I've never encountered someone like this."

This story picks up immediately after the common route's conclusion in the previous game. Upon learning that all members of the Parasite 5 have terminated their memberships, our heroine is utterly flabbergasted. Concerned colleagues who can't bear seeing her distraught take her to a renowned fortune teller. There, she meets Merenice, a fortune teller who can see destinies by looking through a donut. Curious, our heroine asks for a reading. But for some reason, Merenice can't see her fate. This mystery only makes his interest in her grow! Seizing a business card she accidentally left behind, he visits the Cupid Corporation and enrolls as a member. For him, someone whose fortune remains a mystery might just be the soulmate he's sought. What a strange twist of fate! Or is this destiny itself unfolding?

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