About Nobeta

Little Witch Nobeta is a 3D action shooter developed by Pupuya Games and Simon Creative. Play as the little witch Nobeta as she explores a mysterious castle and uses her magic and might to battle against strange enemies known as Crafted Souls.


Crafted Souls

During her adventure, Nobeta will face many powerful Crafted Souls who each possess their own devastating methods of attack. Nobeta will have to make the most of her abilities to battle these enemies.

Staff Attack

Nobeta swings her staff to pummel the enemy. Whenever a spell is being cast, her staff will also be enchanted with elemental powers, depending on what kind of magic was used.

Ritual of Magic Absorption

A useful skill that allows Nobeta to regenerate energy which is activated if Nobeta unleashes a staff attack right before being hit by an enemy. Activate while casting to accelerate castingtime.

Discover Hidden Chests

Many treasure chests are scattered throughout the depths of the castle. Find and open these chests to discover rare items and new skills!

The Path Less Traveled

The castle is a vast, complex structure, complete with hidden paths! Look for unusual signs found along the walls to unlock shortcuts!

Elemental Magic

Boss Fight

Bosses are equipped with a unique skill set to prevent Nobeta from advancing through the castle, and each of them is challenging in their own way. Not only are these bosses a big part of Nobeta's adventure, but stories about them and their lives can be discovered as Nobeta explores the strange castle.

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