Explore Dungeons with Side-Scrolling Action

There are monsters roaming within the dungeons. When Neptune touches a monster, a battle will begin. If you can land a symbol attack on a monster, you can start the battle with a slight advantage! There are also treasure boxes hidden within dungeons from which you can obtain items.

Within dungeons, you are able to jump, double jump, and even summon a squishy, pudding-like monster that can help you reach new heights.


Intuition & Strategy Battles!
Switch your Formation on the fly and gain the upperhand!

You can fight with up to 4 party members. As time passes, your AP (Action Points) will accumulate, and each character can use AP in order to activate their Skills. It will be important to learn enemy weaknesses in order to gain the advantage in battle. If you damage enemies with the element they're weak to, your AP will recover as a bonus, and you can progress the battle smoothly.

Displays the Formation type.
You can change your Formation with the L1 and R1 button.


The attack type for each character changes with each Formation.
There is a passive bonus for every Formation.

A formation with a lot of physical attacks. There are also skills that give status effects and additional magic damage.
A formation with a lot of magic skills.
This formation is effective against enemies weak to magic.
A formation with skills that allow you to protect your party members and grant them buffs.
A formation with many skills that heals HP and status effects.

Goddess Gauge
The gauge necessary for Goddess Transformation.

Party's AP
This will increase as time passes.

Break Attack Gauge
The gauge will increase when you attack enemies.
It will allow you to use a character's special attack, their "Break Attack."

Enemy's AP
This will increase as time passes.

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