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Basic System


You can change the Protagonist's first name (The last name, Sena, will be fixed). If you start the game with the default name, Hiyori Sena, the characters will refer to her by her name.

Flow Chart

At a glance, you can select where you are in the story, and where stories begin to branch. You can select the story you want to play through from here, too.


The protagonist can visit different areas to look for clues about this world and interact with other characters, possibly deepening her relationship with them!


Dramas come into play during the regular story flow. Characters will be acting in dramatic scenes, letting you see these characters in completely different settings for a brief time. Since they'll be acting, you won't see them as their usual selves. Sometimes the way they refer to each other will change. A mean character might make a super sweet comment and vice versa.

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