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In the near future...
Summer break was around the corner.
Hiyori Sena, a sophomore in high school, was living a peaceful life.
One day, as she was walking home with her childhood friend,
a masked figure appeared before them.
The two were abducted and taken to a strange world with two moons.

When they awoke, they met nine others in the same predicament.
In their confusion, the mysterious figure began to speak.

“Welcome to Arcadia!”
“In this world, if you perform for us, your wildest dreams can come true!”
In order to find their way home,
the group was forced to work together and act in an assortment of scenes from a drama.

They were also made aware that a traitor walked among them...
What could be the motive of this traitor?
And why are they all being forced to act?

Unable to fully trust anyone, whose hand will she take in the end?

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