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Fleur's Music - Singers

Fleur VA
Yui Ishikawa / "Notes of Faith"
Debuted in 2007 as Dhianeila in the anime Heroic Age. She gained prominence by playing Mikasa Ackerman in the 2013 anime Attack on Titan. In the following year, she won Best Supporting Actress at the 8th Seiyu Awards. She won Best Lead Actress during the 15th (2020) Seiyu Awards. Her talents are not limited to voice acting, as she is a creative who engages in other projects as well, such as her solo project UTA-KATA which makes use of her wonderful singing ability.

Yoko Ishida / "The Pledging Petal"
Having won the Grand Prix at an anime singer contest in 1990, she debuted in March 1993 with the ending theme to Sailor Moon R, "Otome no Policy." She has continued to sing and compose various anime and game theme songs. She has performed concerts in over 14 countries until now, and is active as an anime song (anisong) singer who is a bridge to the world. She is active not only in Japan, but her angelic voice has been heard around the world.
nicamoq / "Memories of the Key"Listen
A vocalist who's been an active artist since 2015. She collaborated on the song "Indoor-Kei Nara Track Maker" released by the track maker Yunomi, which has become talked of as a godly song which has surpassed over 30 million views on video upload sites. She's been featured on many other popular tunes, and has charmed fans around the globe with her cute voice. She is also active as a duo in a new age pop unit called "BPM15Q."
Miyuki Hashimoto / "Seed of the Sign"Listen
Debuted in the 2003 PC game song "LINK." Since then she's become known as the "muse of the game world," singing mainly PC game songs and occasionally anime theme songs. Her 2019 solo performance, which spanned material across 15 years since she debuted, streamed live simultaneously to several video sites to thousands of viewers. She not only has an established reputation as a singer, but as a lyricist as well.
Luna Haruna / "Eternal Fairy Tale"Listen
Debuted in May 2021 in the ending theme for the 2nd season Fate/Zero, "Sora wa Takaku Kaze ha Utau." She has been tasked with the theme songs for many anime series, such as Sword Art Online. Her popularity isn't limited to Japan, and she's had many live performances in the Asia and Western regions. She has charmed many people throughout the world. In addition to working as a design producer for the wedding dress brand LUNAMARIA, she's also active as a lolita model.
Saki Mitsuki (Masked Girl) / "Shadow Boundary"Listen
After her work in the groups "Slime Girls" and "Steam Girls" in September 2019, she was promoted to the highest unit within the Masked Girls, "Masked Girls: Alice Juban." In June 2021, she released her first Masked Girls album, "MASK A RAID." It ranked 1st in the Oricon Weekly Ranking Indies, and 11th overall. She has been the lead vocals for various songs during her work as a part of the Masked Girls that centers around live performances, and she's cast her gaze towards solo performances in the future.

Glace's Music - Singers

Glace VA
Yoko Hikasa / "Frozen Polar Nights"
In 2007, she debuted as Minamo Negishi in the anime "Sketchbook ~full color'S~". She gained attention as Mio Akiyama in the 2009 popular anime K-ON!, and she's voiced several major characters in anime since. Many of her fans are eagerly watching for her future work.

Kaori Oda / "Ignis Fatuus"
Notable for her singing talents since she was young, she's performed as a vocalist in Yuki Kajiura's solo project "FictionJunction," as well as the musical group "Sound Horizon" sponsored by soundtrack creator, Revo. She's been responsible for singing and writing lyrics for anime works, as well as theme songs for Otomate works, a popular game brand among women. In recent years, she's expanded her work to including songwriting, and has been providing chorus support and vocal coaching to several artists.
Nami Tamaki / "The Fool"Listen
She debuted as a singer with the 2013 single "Believe" from Sony Music along with winning the "New Artist of the Year" prize during the 18th Japan Gold Disc Awards. She has also earned high praise for her dance performances, and has toured overseas. In recent years, she has appeared in many stage productions such as the Broadway musical "Kinky Boots."
Aoi Fuji / "Fruit of Evil"Listen
By the influence of her mother, a piano teacher, she began singing at a young age. With a desire to spread joy to others through song, she began her career in 2017 on YouTube with the concept of "being the cheerleader of your heart." She uploads cover songs and various videos to her YouTube channel "Aoi ch." In November 2018, she made her major debut with UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN. She is currently studying songwriting.
Aira Yuuki / "Curse of a Thousand Nights"Listen
She debuted as a singer in 2007, with the opening theme "colorless wind" for the anime Sola. With her powerful singing ability she has been tasked with many theme songs for popular anime and games since. In recent years, in addition to writing lyrics for popular songs and character themes, she's also been entrusted with voice production for anime. She's definitely one to watch!
Chihiro Yonekura / "Fire in the Crescent Moon"Listen
She debuted in 1996 with the opening theme song to the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, "Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite," as well as the ending theme song, "10 YEARS AFTER." She's active in a wide area as a songwriter, providing music composition to other artists. In 2021, 25 years after her debut, "25 YEARS AFTER ~All Time Best~" was released. She has gained attention for her expressive singing voice that combines both transparency and power.


» Comment An unprecedented challenge of a "6x6 tiled musical mashup." Even while we were uncertain if we could do such a thing, when we created the test version, I thought "this is amazing!" as if I wasn't involved with this at all. What a sweet feeling when a different Muse's song cuts in! There's an unprecedented shock that courses through your veins when these combinations happen, and I'm so happy to have been involved with this project. I hope everyone can also enjoy this shock! I would be happy if you can soak in this game's world along with the Muses' songs.
(Music Composer: ZIZZ Studio Yoh Oyama)

» Profile A music production company that has handled all the vocal songs that the Muses sing. They have also created the themes for various Galapagos RPG titles, such as the Fairy Fencer F series, the Mary Skelter series, Neptunia Virtual Stars, and others.

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