A Superdimensional war for the history books!
The Goddesses of Gamindustri VS Sega Hard Girls!

The Grand Library holds the history of the world within its shelves.
Legend says that if one was to tamper with the books kept there,
the past itself could be completely rewritten...

A daring adventurer known as IF discovered the location
of this revered library and finally crossed its threshold.

Little did she know, a disaster of of historical
proportions is about to occur before her very eyes.

Books begin to vanish from the library's shelves; the reasons for this occurrence are shrouded in mystery...

The history of the world is disappearing before her very eyes.

IF sets out on a journey across time to uncover the truth! Will she be able to work together with both the
Sega Hard Girls and CPUs to recover the lost history?
Will they really be able to save the world?