Battles are turn-based and consist of parties of up to 4 members.
During the player's turn, the player can control the character and move about the battle field.

Battle Basics

▪ Turn Order

This displays the order of action for both enemies and allies.
The current turn belongs to the character who's icon is on top. Once that character's turn is over, their icon will move to the bottom of the list and the order will advance.

▪ Action Gauge

The Action Gauge (AG) will fill as you move, attack, use skills, or use items. You can move around freely until your gauge is completely filled.

▪ Fever Gauge

By attacking, your Fever Gauge will begin to fill.
When it reaches 100%, a rainbow-colored gem will appear above the battlefield. Collecting this gem will trigger Fever Time.

Fever Time

Activate Fever Time by jumping and collecting the rainbow gem on one of your character's turns.
During Fever Time, the following effects will be activated:

★Fever Time Effects★

• Stats of each party member will increase by 10%
• EXE Drive can be used (this will deplete the Fever Gauge)
• The enemy's turn will be skipped