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Company Management »

» Put Your Leadership Skills to the Test

Use the CP (Company Points) you obtain through Disc Development, in dungeons, and from events to manage your company. Become a company to rival the First Makers!


» Unlock Nodes and Grow Your Company

By unlocking the Nodes from each Genre Skill Tree, you can increase its Building Level.。

Disc Development »

» Develop a Variety of Discs!

Combine Creators, Genres, Styles, and Idea Gems in order to develop your own unique Discs! Well crafted discs may also see huge sales numbers (acquired CP).



» Work on up to Four at Once!

You can develop Discs in the Development Room. Disc sales will also generate CP, and throwing Idea Gems into the mix may even result in bonus combat abilities.

Battle System »

» Introducing Four Member Squads

Party size has grown from three to four, making it possible to feature such teams as: Older Nep and the Failure Goddesses or The Four Goddesses, united at last. Look forward to the next evolution of combination battles!

» Link Chains and Activate Various Cooperative Character Attacks

Your Link Gauge will increase as you attack enemies and support allies. By increasing your Link Level, you can activate cooperative attacks!