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Although he's arrogant and his hunger is often prioritized over
more important things, his swordsmanship is absolutely unparalleled.
He has a knack for being brusque with others, which can be seen
as offensive. Curious circumstances led him to his current role as
Eryn's Fencer, and he's been gathering Furies to regain
her memories; However....

Fang's partner and an amnesic fairy. She has mixed feelings
about Fang, who is definitely a skilled swordsman but lacks
common sense. She often argues with him due to this.
She's not a particularly contentious individual, but Fang has
a tendency to bring that out of her.

At first glance, she appears to simply be a rich,
elegant type of girl. Below the surface, however,
lies a girl with a calculating personality who will do
anything to get what she wants. She even finds it
pleasant when someone yells at her. Her mysterious
secret is what drives her to collect Furies, and our
story begins upon her fateful meeting with Fang...

Cui is Tiara's Fairy partner. Although it cannot communicate in
any known human languages, it has no problem communicating
with Tiara, often saying "Cui, cui!"

A fencer who's a fairyologist. Her obsessive research and mad
scientist traits make her very useful, but her common sense
leaves much to be desired. She is frank and flirtatious, most of
the time, without ever realizing. Whenever there is a new fairy
in the party, she will sometimes turn her research into activities
that border on sexual harassment. Because of this, she is quite

Harley's Fairy partner. He seems intimidating, but he's actually
very kind and takes care of tasks like cooking and cleaning.
The dishes he makes, particularly his desserts, are really quite
exceptional. It's because of this that he will single-handedly
take care of the appetites of his fellow party members.

Pippin is a lifeform with an unknown origin. While there is a sword
stuck in his head, it's supposedly not hazardous to his health.
He has an elderly demeanor about him as he tends to nag others
and talk way too much. However, he possesses common human
sense. His biology is a mystery, so it is unknown if he is like a
human. Pappin is supposedly his father.

Soji is Pippin's humanoid fairy partner. He is dressed like a servant
and he actually acts like Pippin's butler. Due to his looks, often times
people mistake him for the Fencer and Pippin as the fairy.
He supposedly knows Pippin's father, Pappin, as well...

Ethel is a Fencer who assaults Fang. She was raised in a Fencer
training institution, and is a quiet, cold-blooded machine.
Her fairy partner, Karin, is her interpreter. Ethel has no wishes
of her own, and her sole objective is to fight other Fencers.

Ethel's fairy partner. She's a relaxed partner and
interpreter for Ethel, a Fencer who can only say
the word "kill." It doesn't seem like Karin is too
happy with Ethel being so...savage.

Sherman wishes for world peace, and he collects Furies in order
to prevent them from getting into the hands of evil. He is a very
delicate, poetic, and stylish young man who enjoys talking about
the beauty in the world. His personality doesn't seem to be a good
match with Fang's. It seems like something happened to him in
the past, which would explain why he hates evil so much....

Sherman's Fairy partner, Ryushin, is a robotic Fairy that
is stubborn and serious.

Galdo is a Fencer with a very distinct accent who's affiliated
with the Dorfa Corporation. He uses a scythe-shaped Fury
to fight. He's warm-hearted and bears a passionate soul.
He can also be pretty loud sometimes. It seems like he bears
reluctance towards Zenke, one of the leaders of Dorfa with
whom he travels.

Galdo's fairy partner, Marissa, is a female fairy who looks after Galdo.
She is almost like a mother to him and can sometimes be overprotective.

Paiga is one of the Four Heavenly Czars of the Dorfa Corporation.
He is a Fencer but rarely fights, overseeing battles instead.
He facilitates communication between President Hanagata,
Director Bernard, and the other Czars. Paiga works tirelessly
to protect Dorfa and his family. The looks of his partner, Vivian,
have caused misunderstanding and he isn't respected at home.
Melancholy surrounds him, as with many middle-aged men.

Paiga's Fairy partner, Vivian, appears as an attractive woman
with mouse ears. She often times makes comments to make fun
of Paiga but, at the end of the day, they respect each other.
But, due to her extreme outfit, Paiga will usually get flack for it.

One of the leaders at Dorfa Holdings, a company antagonistic
towards Fang's group. Dorfa created a new system, and she
believes that people should be governed by it. On the other hand,
she also does community service at the orphanages maintained
by Dorfa. She's a Fencer with a great capacity for battle.
Her partner's name is Khalara, who's a fusion between a cat and a bat.

Khalara is Marianna's Fairy partner. Although small, round,
and cute, it has an extremely foul mouth. Khalara calls anybody
who stands against Marianna a "puke." Despite its cuddly
appearance, it is not suitable for children.

Bernard is the director of the Dorfa corporation, and Hanagata's
assistant officer. He, too, is a Fencer with unrivaled skills in mortal combat.

Sanguina is Bernard's Fairy partner. She's a humanoid but has
wings on her back. She's a true secretary, and she rarely shows
any emotion; her sole focus is completing her mission. She pledges
absolute loyalty to Bernard and has feelings towards him that go
beyond their Fencer/Fairy relationship.

Zenke is a Fencer and one of the Dorfa Corporation's Four
Heavenly Czars. He has a brutal demeanor and lusts for blood.
He finds joy in destroying someone both physically and emotionally.
His bloodlust is seen as a problem within Dorfa, and they keep
their affiliation with him a secret.

Zenke's Fairy partner. She's a human who is similar to Zenke
in that she has no restraints in committing something others
may view as wrong or immoral.

Apollonius is a Fencer, and one of the Dorfa Corporation's Four
Heavenly Czars. He is a swordsman that lives by a strict code,
spending every single day training. He likes a fair fight with lives
on the line. As a result, he doesn't have a good relationship with
Zenke who's personality type is completely opposite.

Seguro is the fairy partner to Apollonius. He assumes the form
of a massive dragon and possess high combat capabilities.
He can not talk, however, he seems to be able to connect
with Apollonius.
Lola is a young, money-hungry Jill-of-all-trades who travels around,
selling goods. She works as an informant to help support Fang in
his journey. Where does she get her information from?
That's a trade secret.
Due to his lack of quality as a fencer, Zagi was fired from his
position at Dorfa. Another opportunity arose, and he was given
a second chance by Marianna. Since then, he's been obsessed
with her. He currently works as her bodyguard. In order to protect
her, Zagi will not think twice about putting his life on the line.
Hanagata is the president of the Dorfa Corporation, a renowned
organization that places great emphasis on charitable causes.
However, behind closed doors, they are collecting Furies to
resurrect the evil god so they can rule the world with Dorfa
ideologies. The final goal is for Dorfa to become god.
A Fencer affiliated with Dorfa and Apollonius's little sister.
She is a kind girl who is worried about her brother's safety
in battle. Her meeting with Fang would affect his life greatly...
His age and gender are unknown, like Pippin. Pippin calls him
"Father" but it's unknown if they are really related. He speaks
with rather dated language, and is a talented fencer who values
order. Because he focused too much on the path as a Fencer,
he fell to a path of bloodshed.
Junown sent her to keep an eye on Sherman. According to Sherman,
she looks similar to her sister who had passed away. She originally
was Junown's faithful helper, but...
Manager of the mysterious Septerion Club. Her mannerisms
are very sophisticated, reminiscent of the way an actress
would speak. She makes civilians take out loans to buy
expensive wine. Is she actually a business woman or...?
A 29-year-old assassin who's affiliated with the Septerion Club.
He's incredibly pessimistic, and whenever he opens his mouth,
he always speaks of wanting to die. He supposedly used to be
in a romantic relationship with Junown, but they both deny it
and are always fighting.