Help save history, one dungeon at a time!

With some brand new actions to take, as well as some familiar ones, adventuring through dungeons has never been more exciting!

  • Jump/Dash Jump
    You can traverse small steps or get onto higher platforms by using Jump. You can also Jump while using Dash to go even further.

  • Symbol Attack
    If you hit a roaming monster, you can get first strike in battle! You can also gain items when you use a Symbol Attack on rocks or crystals in dungeons.

  • Dash
    Gotta go fast? Well, now you can with the new Dash feature!

  • Wall Climb
    Some walls have conveniently placed ladders you can climb on! Others have overgrown ivy that you're able to scale. Look for new places to climb everywhere you can.

  • Rope
    If there are ropes in a dungeon, you can grab onto them and reach new areas!

  • Crawling
    You can crawl through holes and spaces that you can't go through standing up.

You can obtain items in dungeons!

  • Medals
    You can exhange them for credits.

  • Balls
    If you take the ball you've collected back to the owner, you can get special rewards.

  • Breakable Objects
    There are objects you can break within dungeons! Get it? Breakable Objects! If you break them, you can get items!