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Will the song echoing through the battlefield bring hope or ruin?

In this new game, you'll have to fight strategic battles on a grid with height differences! Along with character orientation, Fairize, and field height, you'll make use of the game's greatest feature in battle: the power of Song!

Fairize to boost your stats!

Fairizing (how we transform in the world of FFF) is alive and well! When you Fairize, your stats will increase dramatically! There are character-specific special Skills during Fairize too. They come with different attack ranges and effects, and you'll find them very effective!

The ever-changing strategy of the Muse's song

The Fairy Aria, the song of the Muse, is a special skill that greatly strengthens allies within range! Since only those within the song's range will receive this effect, the Muse's position is critical to battle.

What is a Muse?
A unique being that can sing songs
packed with special effects

The Muse sings by borrowing the power of the Fairy imbued in her microphone, and she can grant boosts to her allies, which could change the tide of battle.

When the songs of fighting Muses overlap, the two songs will resonate

When the songs of ally and enemy Muses overlap, a "Dramatic Resonance" activates, and the effects of their song on enemies and allies will double! The songs mix like a musical duet, and the double-vocal track will liven up the battlefield! Try taking advantage of the high risk, high return mechanic that boosts both allies and enemies!