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Train the party you like with Customization

You can train your party to your liking with the polished yet familiar Customization system, where you can change character equipment, give partner Fairies points, strengthen and equip Sub-Fairies, and more!

Fairy Strengthening

By strengthening Fairies using FP (Fairy Points) that you gain during battles, you can gain various benefits! There are two types of Fairies: Partner Fairies and Sub-Fairies.
  • » Partner Fairies

    Fairies that are unique partners to each character. By strengthening them, they increase their stats, as well as learn skills and abilities. There are character-specific skills within the possible skills that can be learned as well.
  • » Sub-Fairies

    There are over 40 Sub-Fairies, and like Partner Fairies, by strengthening them their stats increase, and they learn skills and abilities. The large difference is that they can be equipped and unequipped at will, and the skills and abilities a character can use, as well as what kind of attributes and stats they gain, differ depending on the Fairy.

    Also, Sub-Fairies can gain Custom Skills and Custom Abilities, which are able to be used even when said Fairy isn't equipped.


Within Equipment, there's Armor, Accessories and Fragments. You can obtain armor and accessories not just from drops during battle or from shops, but from item synthesis as well!

Fragments are special equipment that contain the Soul Gift effect that activates during battle. You can obtain them through this game's unique treasure hunting system, Location Shaping!