Toggle between characters in real time to defeat your foes!
During battle, players can immediately switch between
the Goddesses (TPS) and the V-Idols (Action)!
Master the differing battle styles to save Planet Emote from the Antis!
Take advantage of enemy weaknesses!
Select the right Goddess or V-Idol to make quick work of the enemy.
Unlock V-Skills
Each character can use V-Skills by consuming MP!
Combine V-Skills with normal attacks to wipe out your enemies!

NeptuneRicochet Beats

Launch a flurry of bullets that bounce off the walls.

BlancMeteora Shower

Release a wave of bullets that fan outward.

MeSlash Spin

Unleash a twirling spin to damage nearby enemies.

YouFlying Fan

Fire a line of arrows that spreads to enemies within range.
Heart Tune
Perform "Heart Tune" with your party!
Once activated, it recovers the party's HP and MP!
The longer it stays activated, the greater your recovery.
If you run out of healing items, use this in a pinch.