Friend Orders
In NeoTube Plaza, you can prepare your search,
accept Friend Orders from Vtubers you've saved from Antis,
and fulfill their requests!
Complete the requests for a reward!
NeoTube Plaza
Progress the story by visiting NeoTube Plaza frequently!
Visit the shops and check your party's status.
Base Revival
Progress the game to expand the amount of shops available to you.
With Base Revival, players can fashion the plaza to their liking.
Facility Rank
Increase NeoTube Plaza's facility rankings with Base Revival.
Unlock more facilities and improve the kinds of rewards you'll receive.
Item Shop
A place to procure recovery items. Make sure to stock up!
V-Cube Shop
Enhance V-Cubes you've obtained or obtain V-Cubes here.
Experiment with V-Cube combinations for different load-outs!
MoE Accessory Shop
Obtain cosmetic MoE Accessories that can change abilities and the appearance of your performers!
Accessorize with care - some provide an exciting boost and effects can be stacked.
Quick Tasks - Fulfill simple requests and get rewards.
Friend Orders - Accept requests from Vtubers.
Vtube Search Comm - Search for captured Vtubers.