Defeat the V-Hunters to rescue Guest Vtubers!
When the planet Emote had been invaded,
several Vtubers were taken hostage with no way to escape!
The Antis were quick in rounding up these internet stars.
By defeating V-Hunters and retrieving V-Cubes, players will gain access to new Vtubers!
Locate all Guest Vtubers to unlock new abilities!
Rescue captive Vtubers to unlock the Guest Connect ability!
Guest Connect borrows the powers of the Vtubers you rescued
to support players in battle! Each Vtuber has their own unique skillset!
VTuber Search Comm
Expanding the NeoTube Plaza enables the Vtuber Search Comm
to locate captured Vtubers! In Vtuber Search Comm, use signals from civilians
to spot the location of the V-Cubes under custody of the Antis!
Find all of the Vtubers!
Virtual collection!
Expanding the NeoTube Plaza enables "Virtual Collection" to collect Vtuber Cards!
Consume a special item to pull a card!
Each card contains special attributes!