Video Battler
A system that lets you create items from BeatTik videos that you've recorded!
Each unique video can create new items.
How to Create Items in Video Battler (PS4/Steam):
  1. Go to BeatTik Studio (requires 1 Live Crystal to use)
  2. Turn ON "Recording Mode" and start BeatTik
  3. After recording, go to "Video Battler"
  4. Select "Create From BeatTik Video"
  5. Select your video and select "Create Card"
  6. Use up to 5 Video Stones to create up to 5 Cards.
    The number of Cards produced depends on the number of Video Stones used.
    • A video can only be used once for unique items. Re-using a video will create duplicate items.
    • The higher the BeatTik score, the greater the chance to receive rare items!
Rad Colle Cards
The items you receive from the Video Battler will be collected as "Rad Colle Cards!"
With over 300 types, the possibilities are endless.
Record BeatTik Dance Movies
In BeatTik, by turning Recording Mode to ON, you can record videos!
Use those recordings to create items with Video Battler.