Defeat bosses with execution BGM!
The MV Battle System uses special songs sung by the Virtual
Idol heroines of this title. Combine the power of Goddesses and V-Idols
to defeat the bosses! You'll face bosses that are much stronger
than other Antis on the field during MV Battle!
Boss battles trigger the MV battle system

Sound Status

The Seek Bar gauge on the bottom left of the screen displays the Sound Status. It changes depending on the current song being played, and certain sections activate specific effects.
Keep an eye on the marker!
*Red: Advantageous for enemies
*Blue: Advantageous for player
*Yellow (Chorus): Boost player stats

Sound Gauge

A special gauge that appears during MV Battle.
It increases during an MV battle by attacking the enemy, or destroying the Sound Prisms that appear on the field!

Resonance Mode

Max out the Sound Gauge to activate Resonance Mode!
Give yourself an advantage against bosses when the battlefield morphs into a colorful soundscape!

Finish Drive

Fulfill certain conditions during Resonance Mode to enable Finish Drive! Link together for a massive chain attack, and give the enemy something they'll never forget!
Who are the Great Eight of Obsoletia
Who are the Great Eight of Obsoletia?!
Kado, head of Planet Obsoletia and Foundation K.
A sinister plot to invade Planet Emote is underway.